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Our Chefs

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Executive Chef - Jeriko Van Der Wolf

A few years ago, I was on a plane ride to New York. Little did I know, the person I sat next to would turn my life around completely. I was writing down a recipe on my food diary when the man next to me asked: “Are you Chef?”. I smiled and replied: “Close but not quite. I’m just a girl that REALLY loves food”. I explained to him that I was travelling the world, discovering as many cuisines as possible, but New York food is definitely still my all time favourite.
He later introduced himself as, Jery (short for Jeriko). A young French Chef, also travelling the world and finding inspiration a little bit everywhere.We decided to keep in touch and later met in Little Italy for a few slices of pizza. I admitted to Jery that I wanted to open a place of my own one day… and this guy, crazy as he is, put me on the spot with a deal.
He said that in whichever country our paths would cross again, that’s where we’d open a restaurant. I was so excited by the idea of it that I couldn’t even finish my PIZZA! 
We shook hands on it and a few later, here I am in Bangkok, with a restaurant! And all this, thanks to ONE crazy and talented chef: Jeriko Van Der Wolf.

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Head Chef - Kornbadin Suwannakorn (Chef Pore)

If I had to choose one word to describe Chef Pore, it would be “charismatic”. We met at Jery’s place for a mini cook off, because that’s what we like to do in our free time… and it was such a great pleasure watching him in the kitchen and working with an array of ingredients and creating some of the yummiest dishes! That’s when I knew that he was perfect! The spirit and passion were there!We became the 3 Musketeers of food and was ready to show to the world what we can do.
Pore and I, have a very similar background where we both grew up with a food oriented family and travelled to America to realize that we missed out on so much and that there was so much more to discover. Unlike me however, he decided to become a Chef and make food for people whilst I decided to just eat as much as I could.